Most important features:

Real time work tracking and task administration: work time can be automatically assigned to tasks, clients and projects without any manual interaction

Project management and field work assistance: handle priorities and deadlines, delegate tasks and inform field workers about new tasks immediately without any delay

Handle phone numbers and calls, Phone book add-ons: work related calls can be assigned to clients and tasks automatically, differentiate private and work numbers, record work calls if necessary, e.g. add work events to clients, edit contacts manually or sync from CRM

Controlling features, Manager dashboard, GEO position tracking: real-time visibility of every employee and sub-contractor (location, task, project, activity), access all data of the JC360 system, real-time visibility on the map of the application

Pre-set automatic rules, Travel mode: e.g. the time of using certain work related applications or the time of being at a given location can be automatically assigned to work task and client. Log and differentiate travel time and assign it to appropriate work task or client

HR administration, Survey: all work time automatically logged, check shifts, work starting time and punctuality from anywhere. During field work fill out a pre-edited survey and assign it to appropriate task for further analysis

Validated photo and File upload: capture photos via the JC360 application and upload them to the appropriate work task with time stamp. Add files (e.g. word, pdf, excel documents) and comments to work tasks.

CRM: sort contacts into categories (e.g. co-workers, partners, potential clients) and add events (to do list) to contacts (e.g. call, meeting, e-mail) with date

Business benefits


All work time can be assigned to appropriate task, project and client


Optimized workforce allocation, high performance of work staff (on av. 30% efficiency growth)


Significantly improved field work efficiency?and sales performance (on av. 15-20% more completed customer visits)


Highly predictable success rate of sales activity, accurate information about client value


Transparent organizational operation thanks to a reporting system that is based on factual data


With deeper insight into the business operation you can maximize both the efficiency as well as the profitability


Management focus shifts from checking operational tasks to strategy and business development

Using JC360 Mobile App + JC360 Desktop App

  • Automatic work time tracking
    exact time spent with any given task, project, client, in a shift
  • Time-based wage tracking in real time
    keep track of all time-based wage (paid to employees, sub-contractors, teams) linked to the work hours that were spent on tasks, projects, clients
  • Project Management
    project planning, task delegation, monitoring of task completion and deadlines, resource allocation
  • HR Administration
    all data related to work time can be automatically filled out, log holidays, sick leaves, midday breaks
  • CRM
    completely up-to-date CRM system at all times, easily accessible from anywhere, even via a mobile phone
  • Accurate Client Value Analysis
    determine accurate client value by tracking all field work, office work, telephone call time and travel time spent on any client during any period of time
  • Business Analytics
    360° overview of all work related business processes

JC360 is a groundbreaking service for improving individual and enterprise level efficiency. It makes use of the most innovative technology to accurately measure all work processes and it can help you to motivate the working staff easily.

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Unlimited 30-Days Free Trial

JC360 is developed by JobCTRL Inc., a member of TCT Group